Fruit and Root Summer Iced Teas

I must not be the only out there who can't have caffeine so I thought, why not share a favourite summer ritual of crafting delicious iced teas using roasted dandelion root. I was out for a walk with the baby and couldn't resist the pull of a fruit and veg stand at the crossroad. I came home with local donut peaches, fat blackberries, and raspberries. I made a ginger-peach iced tea for my hubby using his favourite lychee black tea as he can have caffeine, and I made dandelion root batches of raspberry-lemon, blackberry lemon, and lemon-ginger for us to share. Why canning jars? Who has four juice jugs in their house? Not this girl. What I do have is a possible addiction to canning jars.

Fill a 1 litre/quart canning jar 2/3rds full with boiling water and 2-3 tea bags or tsps of loose tea (black, green, or roasted dandelion root) and steep for 5-15 minutes to taste.

Mash up the fruit of your choice with a fork or a potato masher (though I admit I did juice the blackberries to avoid the seeds). Add to the jar once the tea bags are removed. Don't worry about quantity. Just add what you have or how much fits in the jar.

Slice up some complimentary citrus. Peaches and oranges are friends. Lemon and blackberries are friends. Lime and Raspberry are friends. Squish and squeeze and then drop into the canning jar.

I didn't this time, but you can also add fresh herbs. Try mint, lemon balm, or bergamot (bee balm). FYI: rosemary goes surprisingly well with apricots.

Add 2-3 tsps of sugar (cane, brown, or white) or honey per 1 litre/quart canning jar and stir until dissolved.

Cool, place the fridge and allow to chill fully. Pour into a glass with ice and enjoy!

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  • I have the same addictions to canning jars. I use them for everything… some fruity teas. :) Thanks for sharing!


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