We're Moving!

Big news: Fern & Fungi is moving to Ontario! I’ve spent a decade studying and working with native Pacific Northwest plants and now it’s time for a new adventure and new plants and trees to make friends with. We’ll be right next to the beautiful Algonquin Park, my parents’ 83 acre farm, lots of crown land to harvest from, and will have our own land to grow herbs on for the shop.

If you’ve been wondering and waiting for the shop to open, the delay is half due to the now-walking baby and half due to switching to work with the native plants of Ontario to keep our bioregional focus. I am really going to miss British Columbia and all its flora and fauna, but having my own house with a permanent garden, a huge oak kitchen, and an old wood cookstove in perfect condition certainly softens the blow! I move into the new house August 1st and you should hear much more from Fern & Fungi after then!

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